Welcome to the first PartnerSlate blog post! I am Matt Suggs the founder of PartnerSlate. I want to start off by telling you a little bit about what we’re building at PartnerSlate and why we think (and hope) we can bring some great value to all types of companies in the food industry. I will also share a few of the reasons we started PartnerSlate what kind of posts you can expect going forward!

We LOVE food! And well, we love startups why not combine the two! 

Okay, a little more than that went into it, but basically we decided that there had to be an easier way for food entrepreneurs to get their food products built. 

The last few months we have been working day and night to create a way for food brands, small and large, to easily and effectively connect with contract manufacturers and suppliers. The specialty food industry is BOOMING and more and more brands are realizing the benefits of using copackers so they can focus on sales and marketing. Here are a few examples of some brands that have used copackers from very early on, I think you’ll recognize them..

  • KRAVE Jerky
  • KIND
  • Plum Organics

The problem we have found is that there is no easy way for brands to find the right copackers or suppliers for their specific product needs. 

Are you currently scowering the internet for that perfect specialty manufacturer!?

There has to be a better way right?? Well thats what we think. Before we started PartnerSlate we were just like you, wasting hours of our day trying to find the right strategic partners to help get our product built. When in reality we should have been focusing on the important stuff, like SELLING

So…What now?

We really believe in building a company that will make life easier for food entrepreneurs, and the same goes for this blog! So going forward we will have posts that are geared towards helping you build a successful food brand. Some posts will be by us, from our own experiences and others will be from great guests that definitely know a thing or two about building great food products.

We would love to hear from you so please leave any comments or questions below. I love feedback and I promise, I’ll respond to every comment!

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