7+ Energy Drink Manufacturers to Know [2023]

Matt Suggs

When it comes to choosing the right manufacturer for your energy drinks, it’s important to take the time to do your research. However, finding the right one can make a huge difference in the quality of your final product. But don’t worry! We’ve made a list of some great energy drink manufacturers so you can begin to explore your options.  

Whether you’re an experienced energy drink producer or just getting started, this review will help you get one step closer to finding the right manufacturer for your product. 

Top Energy Drink Manufacturers

While this list of energy drink manufacturers are all great options, there are lots of incredible options to build your energy drink brand. But this can make it challenging to determine the perfect manufacturing fit. 

PartnerSlate allows you to access tons of verified manufacturers, saving you from months of cold calls, research, and outreach. Through our exclusive marketplace matching system, you can connect with up to three partners with the appropriate capabilities to make and package your product. 

If you’re still interested in the manufacturers listed below, let’s get started.


azpack logo

AZPACK is a beverage co-packing and drink manufacturing company founded in 2009. They have a microbiologic laboratory available for product testing and research, and they specialize in producing kosher, halal, and non-GMO beverages. AZPACK offers quality packaging services for bottled and canned beverages, and adheres to the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation.


  • Contract manufacturing
  • Co-packing
  • Private label manufacturing
  • Bottling and canning
  • Packing and cold-fill carbonated
  • Full microbiological laboratory services for product testing and formulation
  • Tunnel pasteurization
  • Hot fill
  • Cold fill
  • Full-body shrink sleeves with steam tunnel
  • Pressure-sensitive labeling with front and back capability
  • RO water with UV protection

Product Types:

  • Teas
  • Infused Waters
  • Energy drinks
  • Energy shots
  • Meal replacements
  • Non-carbonated bottled drinks including super fruit juice based dietary and nutrient supplements
  • Carbonated canned drinks
  • Dry mix beverages

Speciality Product Capabilities: 

  • Organic
  • Kosher
  • Halal
  • Non-GMO
  • Preservative free

Location: 7303 S. Kyrene Rd., Tempe, AZ 85283

Big Brands

big brands logo

Big Brands was established to take advantage of growing trends in new product development, sales, marketing, and consulting for the food and beverage industry. This includes the manufacturing and distribution of energy drinks and frozen food products. Big Brands also specializes in formulation and developing package designs.


  • Contract manufacturing
  • Co-packing
  • Private label manufacturing
  • Ingredient sourcing 
  • Research and development
  • Product samples
  • Alcoholic, CBD, non-alcoholic, nutritional beverage formulation 
  • Flavoring
  • Custom packaging design
  • Beverage consulting
  • Filling and packaging with glass bottles, PET bottles, HDPE bottles, aluminum cans, shot bottles, stick packs, form fill and seal, liquid pouches, bag in a box, multi-packs
  • Online sales and distribution 
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Sales and marketing
  • Exporting 
  • Trademarking 

Product Types:

  • Alcoholic beverages including beer, wine, spirits, malts, cordials 
  • Bar mixes and syrups
  • Energy drinks and shots
  • Exercise and workout beverages and shots
  • Flavored sparkling waters
  • Fruit and juice based drinks and juice concentrates
  • Frozen drinks – cappuccinos, fruit smoothies, bar mixes
  • Functional drinks and shots
  • Health and beauty drinks and shots
  • Isotonic and sports drinks
  • Novelty products
  • Probiotics
  • RTD protein drinks and powder
  • Soft drinks and sodas
  • Vitamin infused water
  • CBD infused drinks

Speciality Product Capabilities: 

  • Organic
  • TTB-approved flavors

Location: 7065 West Ann Rd, Las Vegas, NV, 89130

Carolina Beverage Group

carolina beverage group llc logo

Founded in 1874, Carolina Beverage Group is a family-owned business that has developed into a contract beverage manufacturing company. Their production lines feature high-speed operations and unique techniques such as hot fill, cold fill, and tunnel pasteurization. 


  • Contract manufacturing
  • Co-packing
  • Private label manufacturing
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Logistics management
  • Fulfillment
  • Quality and food safety assurance
  • Flexible blending and specialty processes
  • Canning
  • Secondary packaging including can ends and finished options
  • Tunnel and flash pasteurization
  • Carbonation
  • UV light water purification
  • Nitrogen dosing
  • Reverse osmosis and carbon filtration
  • De-aeration water treatment
  • Full batch blending
  • Syrup concentrate blending
  • Juice adaptive valves for products containing pulp
  • Super sack handling
  • On-site and off-site warehouse facilities
  • Refrigerated, frozen, and dry storage

Product Types:

  • Soft drinks and sparkling waters
  • Beers and malt beverages
  • Wine
  • Non-alcoholic carbonated and non-carbonated drinks including teas, energy drinks and juice based products
  • Specialty drinks

Speciality Product Capabilities: 

  • Kosher
  • Gluten-free
  • Organic

Location: 110 Barley Park Ln, Mooresville, NC, 28115


meta brand logo

Meta Brand is a beverage manufacturer that can help their clients formulate and produce quality products. They are based in New Jersey and offer a wide variety of services that include tunnel pasteurization, nitro dosing, and co-packing. Meta Brand is also FDA-certified, GMP compliant, and capable of making kosher products. They have knowledge, experience, and in-house capabilities to take the vision of new and existing beverage brands from concept to finished product.


  • Contract manufacturing
  • Co-packing
  • Nitro dosing
  • Beverage ideation and assessment
  • New product development
  • Co-product development
  • Beverage formulation with support from alchemists and development staff
  • Tunnel pasteurization
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Hot and cold fill for PET and glass
  • Pilot production run
  • Line-extension trial 
  • Just-in-time production
  • Distributor and investor samples
  • Any-scale manufacturing
  • Label and packaging design
  • Label printing
  • Secondary packaging
  • Flexible pack-out configuring

Product Types:

  • Ready-to drink beverages
  • Nootropic RTD
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Seltzers and spirits
  • Sports drinks
  • Infused teas
  • Plant-based elixirs
  • Energy drinks and shots
  • Alcohol-infused RTD cocktails, mixers, blended spirits
  • Supplement shots
  • Functional beverages
  • TCM and ayurvedic beverages
  • CBD/Delta-8 infused beverages
  • Natural beverages
  • Sparkling water
  • Mixers and syrups
  • Pro/prebiotic infused beverages

Speciality Product Capabilities: Kosher

Location: 25 Progress St, Edison, NJ 08820

Pack Labs

pack labs logo

Packlabs is a beverage company that was founded in 2019. They focus on bottling, canning, and boxing beverages and offer services in tunnel pasteurization, hot fill, and product development. Some products they specialize in are beer, wine, cider, and malt beverages. 


  • Contract manufacturing
  • Co-packing
  • Private label manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Product ideation and development
  • Research and development
  • Full-scale production
  • Operational support
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Supply chains
  • Hot Fill
  • Tunnel Pasteurization
  • Packaging including glass and aluminum bottles and cans

Product Types:

  • Beer, wine, and cider
  • Ready-to-drink beverages
  • Flavored malt beverages

Speciality Product Capabilities: 

  • Kosher
  • Gluten-free
  • Organic

Location: 456 Acorn Ln., Downingtown, PA 19335, United States

Portland Bottling Company

portland bottling co logo

Established in 1924, the Portland Bottling Company is a  co-packer specializing in ready-to-drink beverages in aluminum cans. These include juices, energy and functional drinks, teas, and carbonated soft drinks in various sizes. They operate a modern, state-of-the-art, and efficient automated beverage filling line to process conventional or organic certified, ready-to-drink, cold fill, or tunnel pasteurized aluminum can beverage products.


  • Co-packing
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Private label manufacturing
  • Ingredient sourcing
  • On-site warehousing
  • Quality assurance including on-site QA labs
  • Cold fill
  • Tunnel pasteurization
  • Liquid nitrogen dosing
  • R.O. water treatment system
  • Liquid and granulated sweeteners
  • Registered film shrink wrap
  • Refrigerated and freezer storage for ingredients
  • Bulk ingredient handling systems
  • Cartoning
  • Packaging with aluminum cans of various sizes
  • Secondary packaging with cartons, loose packs, variety packs
  • Repacking

Product Types:

  • Carbonated and non-carbonated juices and waters
  • Energy drinks
  • Carbonated juices
  • Juice-based products
  • Functional beverages
  • Coffee
  • Teas
  • Organic beverages
  • Ready-to-drink beverages

Speciality Product Capabilities: 

  • Kosher
  • Gluten-free
  • Organic

Location: 1321 NE Couch St., Portland, OR, 97232

U.S. Beverage Manufacturing

U.S. Beverage Manufacturing logo

In Nevada, USA, U.S. Beverage Manufacturing is one of the leading carbonated beverage co-packers and makers. Their services include various beverage creation, production, formulation, and marketing options, offering customers a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options. 


  • Contract manufacturing
  • Co-packing
  • Private label manufacturing
  • Ingredient and materials sourcing
  • Packaging with plastic bottles, aluminum cans, sachets, form/fill/seal standup pouches, pouches with a fitment (spout), stick packs, tubes, shot bottles
  • PET blow fill copacking
  • Packaging and labeling, as well as creative design services
  • Food safety management
  • Quality management
  • Warehousing
  • Beverage product development 
  • Beverage flavoring and formulation
  • Hot fill
  • Ambient fill

Product Types:

  • Flavored seltzer waters 
  • Carbonated sodas
  • Fruit juices
  • Wines, beer, and spirits
  • Custom hard seltzers and liquors 
  • Sports and energy drinks
  • Flavored, still, and sparkling waters
  • Liquids and powders
  • CBD & hemp products
  • Meal replacement shake powders
  • Nootropics

Speciality Product Capabilities: 

  • Kosher 
  • Organic

Location: 7065 W. Ann Rd. #130260, Las Vegas, NV 89130

Energy Drink Manufacturers for Small-Batch Products

beverage in can display

What is a Low MOQ Product? 

A product with a low MOQ, or minimum order quantity, is a food or beverage item that is made in smaller batches. Startups and small businesses may create low quantities of their products until they can scale up production. 

How to Find an Energy Drink Manufacturer for Low-Volume Products 

If you want to see what manufacturers specifically work with low-volume energy drink orders, PartnerSlate can help. All you have to do is make a free account and upload your project specifications, then PartnerSlate will match you with compatible manufacturers in just a few days. 

PartnerSlate provides a convenient concierge service and onboarding support to make ramp-up easy. But, if the project does not continue after the initial introduction, there is no fee for the matching service.

Best Energy Drink Manufacturers to Work With as a Startup

Here are some energy drink manufacturers that work with low-volume orders, or orders under 25,000 units: 

  • Carolina Beverage Group
  • Big Brands
  • Meta Brand
  • Pack Labs
  • Portland Bottling Company
  • U.S. Beverage Manufacturing

More About Energy Drink Manufacturing

manufacuring energy drink

How Are Energy Drinks Manufactured?

Energy drinks are manufactured in various ways depending on the specific processing requirements of the product. Most top energy drink companies use a combination of ingredients such as sugar, caffeine, taurine, guarana, and other herbal extracts to create their drinks. 

The ingredients are blended, heated, and then cooled to form a syrup diluted with water or carbonated, flavored, and canned. The quality of the ingredients used and the manufacturing process employed by the manufacturer vary from company to company. 

Top energy drink manufacturers strive to create both enjoyable and healthy beverages, and consumers should always look for products certified by the FDA and other health organizations.

How Do You Create Your Own Energy Drink Brand?

Knowing the industry, adhering to the right protocols and regulations, and joining forces with industry experts are essential steps to making sure your new energy drink succeeds in the marketplace.

1. Learn the Market

A good understanding of the energy drink market is essential for achieving success when launching your own energy drink. It’s important to conduct extensive research on what consumers are looking for and where the competition is so you can fill a niche with high demand.

2. Developing a Concept

Developing a unique idea for your energy drink company is the next step toward launching your business. Crafting a concept requires industry knowledge and experience, so working with professionals during this stage is wise to prevent common issues such as not having enough money or having an unspecified target market.

3. Branding Your Energy Drink

Your branding should tell a story about your energy drink and reflect the value of your business. The right branding will help you build product recognition and customer loyalty over time.

4. Formulation

Making a successful product in the market starts with the right beverage formulation. While you might have a recipe in mind, it’s critical to get it converted to a formula before you start looking to commercialize your product so you’ll be ready to scale up when it’s time. 

5. Manufacturing

Now you have to start considering the manufacturing process and how you’ll manage the production of your energy drinks. Locating manufacturers who are experts in formulating and manufacturing can help you get a quality product to market fast and efficiently.

6. Marketing Your Energy Drink

A well-thought-out marketing plan can help you promote your drinks and excite people, which will help drive sales.

The primary demographic purchasing energy drinks are individuals usually between 12 and 34 years old. This means your brand story, packaging, and even name will need to stay in tune with the latest online and social media trends. 

7. Get Your Drink On the Shelves

It’s time to get your product out on shelves and into the hands of consumers. Experienced and reliable energy drink distributors can assist you in producing your energy drink and getting it into the hands of customers. 

Find the Best Energy Drink Manufacturer for Your Product

Want to bring vitality to your customers with your own delicious energy drink? You’ll need the right manufacturer first. It doesn’t have to be a manufacturer on this list–PartnerSlate has a vast network of manufacturers wanting to work with brands like yours. 

Our platform is designed to simplify the process, offering a network of pre-vetted manufacturing companies sorted by capacity and capability. With PartnerSlate, you can save time, stress, and money and start getting your energy drink on the shelves.