Customer Success Story: Tracy’s Gourmet

In 2005, Tracy Scott the founder of Tracy’s Gourmet came to terms with a harsh reality. She realized that she weighed 257 pounds and with a family history of heart disease she knew she needed to make some changes. She wanted to incorporate more healthy salads into her diet, however, she found that the dressings she enjoyed contained ingredients that were negating her new, healthy food eating behaviors.

That’s where Tracy’s Gourmet was born. Tracy’s Gourmet is a gourmet foods company based in North Carolina. Their flagship product is their line of natural and organic vinaigrette salad dressings and marinades.

With a great line of products, Tracy was ready to find a production home to help get her dressings produced, bottled and out to market. The problem was that she was having an almost impossible time finding co-packer. That was until she joined PartnerSlate.

“Finding the right co packer for my product has been incredibly challenging. It’s taken over two years. Hours of research, phone calls and questions were exhausting. However, in less than one month on PartnerSlate I found several co packers that were a good match for my product.”

Tracy mentioned how the stress of finding the right co-packer almost caused her to lower her standards in what she was looking for in a production partner. Which could have been catastrophic for her brand down the line. Quality is arguably one of the most important aspects of creating a successful product in today’s marketplace. Therefore it’s incredibly important to stick to your guns and hold out for the right partner that can make that great quality product that you have been dreaming up from day one.

Thankfully PartnerSlate was there to help Tracy with her search and make sure she was able to easily and efficiently find great potential manufacturing partners for her dressings.

“The experience with PartnerSlate has been great. I had a problem initially with my search results appearing, but the customer service was very fast and effective.  They reached out to me directly and made sure my issue was fixed. PartnerSlate significantly decreased my research time and made it very easy to find co packers I never heard of in the two years that I had been looking.”

We are so happy to work with brands like Tracy’s Gourmet and help them bring their dreams to life. Learn more about Tracy’s Gourmet here.