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Find Your Next Contract Manufacturer in Days, Not Months.

Whether you’re a new start-up or an existing brand, PartnerSlate streamlines the manufacturing process by matching you with high-quality production partners from our extensive network of Food & Beverage Manufacturers & Packagers.


How the Marketplace Works

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Top 6 Questions

  • Are the co-mans in your network vetted?

    Our Co-mans go through a basic validation process to ensure they are businesses in good standing. We recommend Brands conduct their own diligence as part of any partner engagement process, and PartnerSlate provides a convenient check-list of key validation points. We also provide access to factory audit, verification and inspection services to further validate facility quality, which can be customized to your needs (additional fee required).

  • How will co-mans find out about my project?

    Co-mans receive an alert when new projects match their interests and capabilities. They are able to browse all projects and indicate interest in those projects they wish to be connected to.

  • Is my project posted anonymously in the Marketplace? What information do you share?

    Your privacy is important! We don’t share your identity with a co-man until you approve their request to be connected. Until then, we only share your project details to help prospective co-mans determine interest and compatibility. If you are unsure about what details to provide, one of our Matching Advisors will work with you to confirm any information before your project is listed in the Marketplace.

    You have the option to decline an introduction with any co-mans that you do not want to work with. Once you approve a co-man’s request to connect, we will reveal your identity to the co-man and initiate a mutual NDA signing process.

  • What happens if none of my co-manufacturer introductions work out?

    If you’re unsuccessful working with any of the co-manufacturers that connect with you via the Marketplace, PartnerSlate also offers full-service matching. More information is available below.

  • Do you offer a premium matching service?

    Yes, PartnerSlate offers a full-service matching option. With full-service matching, PartnerSlate will conduct outreach on your behalf and introduce you to up to 3 prospective partners that we pre-qualify and vet for your project. We will work with you to create a more extensive project brief and provide warm introductions to get you going with the prospective co-mans. The fee for full-service matching starts at $4,000 and depends on the complexity and size of the project.


    Please contact PartnerSlate Support or ask your Matching Advisor if you are interested in full-service matching.


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